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The Vasari Cares Foundation was founded in 2017 primarily to engage the Vasari membership in supporting local charities in and around the Vasari community.  Most Vasari Members have had long, successful careers in other states and were undoubtedly supporters of charities in those states.  Confident in the generosity of Vasari Members and aware of local needs, we recognized the opportunity to direct some of that generosity to charities here in southwest Florida.  Funds we raise here, stay here!



To support selected charities that will impact the local community by mobilizing the power of Vasari volunteers and capitalizing upon their generosity.


Our vision is to make a difference for those in need in the local community.

Guiding Principles

  • Vasari Member participation will be voluntary.  The club will not be asked to make any direct monetary contributions.

  • The primary fund raising activities will be fun, rewarding and/or provide value for our Members. 

  • When possible, the chosen charities supported will provide volunteer opportunities for Vasari members thereby increasing the impact.

  • Charities must be in Lee or Collier county.

  • Political organizations and charities with an overt religious affiliation will be avoided.

  • The administrative expenses of chosen charities must be reasonable for the type of charity as presented in

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