Vasari Cares Foundation

Community That Cares

Offer support to charitable groups with the aim of improving the livelihoods of those in Lee and Collier Counties

Our Impact

Through its fundraising endeavors, Vasari Cares Foundation has been able to provide financial support to local charitable organizations and allocate resources for an endowment fund, totaling over $300,000.

2023 Impact Report

We are proud of the impact your contributions made over the 2022-23 year in our local community for the health, well-being, and sustainability of individuals and families. Learn more about these efforts by reading the 2023 Impact Report.

A big thank you to Vasari Cares Foundation for their support! We are so fortunate to be able to purchase a new autoclave for sterilizing surgical tools, and covering more doctor hours in the clinic. What a blessing! Thank you for touring where the magic happens! - Florida Lions Eye Clinic.

Highlights Of Our Impact

Millions of Grants Awarded
Millions of Scholarships Awarded
Many New Homes Sponsored

Another Grant Recipient for 2023. The Vasari Cares Foundation recently awarded $10,000 to The Fun Time Early Childhood Academy. Fun Time Early Childhood Academy is a Five Star accredited institution that has been delivering exemplary early childhood education programs that focus on research-based educational programs for over 61 years. “We are incredibly grateful to the Vasari Cares Foundation for their support of our mission” said Jessica Campbell, Executive Director of Fun Time Early Childhood Academy. “This generous grant will enable us to continue offering tuition assistance to low-income working families, ensuring that children have access to a high-quality early childhood education regardless of their socio-economic background. Additionally, the funds will be used to purchase operational materials, books, and classroom supplies that are essential for creating engaging and enriching learning experiences for the children.”

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Community Outreach
and Engagement

Establish a volunteer program that enables community members to contribute their time and skills to support local charities by creating diverse opportunities for resident involvement.

Identify Well-Established
Local Charities

We research and identify local charities that have a track record of making a positive impact in our community. Ensure they are well-established, reputable, and aligned with your mission's goals.

Fundraising and Donor

We initiate fundraising campaigns and initiatives, leveraging a range of channels including online platforms, fundraisers, and events, to foster financial support from residents for the chosen charities.

Community Events
and Activities

We organize events and activities that not only serve as fundraising opportunities but also foster a sense of community, bringing people together in support of local charities.

Collaboration and

We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with local businesses, government agencies, and other community organizations to enhance our mission and extend our reach to a wider audience.

We encourage residents to volunteer and financially support our local charities.

We award financial grants to selected, well-established local charities.

We offer scholarships to Vasari Cares Country Club and Community Association employees and their children, and worthy graduating students.

We provide support for Vasari Cares Country Club and Community Association employees suffering from unexpected health problems or damage caused by natural disasters.

How Can I Help?

Numerous individuals are eager to help those in need, and we provide several choices, such as volunteering and financial assistance.

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