While raising money for local charities is a fundamental function of the Vasari Cares Foundation, we also support volunteerism. To that end, the Vasari Cares Community Engagement Committee was created to encourage members of Vasari to get involved in volunteer activities aligned with the charities the Foundation supports. Volunteer activities can involve giving of your time, talents, and donations of goods and services. In May 2024, Committee Chairperson Cheryl Comes noted some recent activities of the committee that include supporting the annual Vasari Cares Charity Golf Tournament, donation drives to collect gently used eyeglasses for the Florida Lions Eye Clinic, and comforters, towels etc. for the Bonita Springs Humane Society.

Humane Society Blankets, Comforters and Towels

Additionally, sixteen Vasari members donated their time to The Harry Chapin Food Bank. It is the largest hunger relief network in Southwest Florida feeding 250,000 individuals per month. The group packed 1,085 bags of fresh produce with a total weight of 3,255 pounds for needy families in and around Naples. It was a great experience as volunteer Kathy Dowd commented, “I think I got more out of it than the people who got the food. It reminds me of how grateful I am.” A challenge for the Food Bank is having enough volunteers during the off season to those in need in our community. If you are interested in volunteering during the summer, we have 10 spots to fill on the following dates:  June 6, June 26, July 11, and July 24th. The time is 12-2:30 pm and the location is 3940 Prospect Ave #101, Naples, Florida. Please contact Jean Adkinson at if you are interested in volunteering.

Vasari Volunteers at Harry B. Chapin Food Bank


A number of Vasari members (not in the pictures above) volunteer at New Horizons of SW Florida. New Horizons provides after school and summer programming at 10 club sites in Lee and Collier Counties. They provide tutoring and mentoring along with life lessons and encouragement to help children achieve success. During 2022-23, volunteer tutors/mentors contributed over 7,500 hours, working directly with nearly 600 K-12 economically disadvantaged children. Some of the Vasari Volunteers at New Horizons are Sue Bird, Gayle Finkelstein, Susan Kravetz, Laurie Marks and Christina Raicevich. If you would like a Vasari Volunteer’s perspective on this, contact Sue Bird at 616-540-1853. If you are interested in volunteering at New Horizon, go to


The Vasari community really stepped up this year. A committee of over 40 Members led by J. Andreassi plus
neighborhood groups who made baskets for auction put together the event. “Holding an event like this requires
thousands of man-hours, and we could not have done it without volunteers” said J. Andreassi. Every
neighborhood was represented. Volunteers

There was even a volunteer who organized all of the volunteers!
The tournament in 2025 will require an army of volunteers again. When preparations begin, do not be surprised if you are asked to help. Anything you can do is appreciated.