About Us


The Vasari Cares Foundation was founded in 2017 primarily to engage the Vasari membership in supporting local charities in and around the Vasari community.  Most Vasari Members have had long, successful careers in other states and were undoubtedly supporters of charities in those states.  Confident in the generosity of Vasari Members and aware of local needs, we recognized the opportunity to direct some of that generosity to charities here in southwest Florida.  Funds we raise here, stay here!

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Community Outreach
and Engagement

Establish a volunteer program that enables community members to contribute their time and skills to support local charities by creating diverse opportunities for resident involvement.

Identify Well-Established
Local Charities

We research and identify local charities that have a track record of making a positive impact in our community. Ensure they are well-established, reputable, and aligned with your mission's goals.

Fundraising and Donor

We initiate fundraising campaigns and initiatives, leveraging a range of channels including online platforms, fundraisers, and events, to foster financial support from residents for the chosen charities.

Community Events
and Activities

We organize events and activities that not only serve as fundraising opportunities but also foster a sense of community, bringing people together in support of local charities.

Collaboration and

We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with local businesses, government agencies, and other community organizations to enhance our mission and extend our reach to a wider audience.

Our Story

Establishing Connections, Making a Difference

Founded in May 2017, Vasari Cares Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to connecting Vasari Members with local charities in Southwest Florida. Our mission is to support the community that makes our Vasari lifestyle possible.

Your Contributions Stay Local

We believe in giving back to the community that enriches our lives. When you donate to Vasari Cares, your money stays right here, helping those in need.

Powered by Volunteers, Driven by Generosity

Over 98% of the funds we raise directly benefit local charities. Since inception, we've raised over $300,000, thanks to the generosity of Vasari Members and Event sponsors.

Our Board